We are a family, a company, a brand, a community!

We work from our emotions; that is our strength, and that power makes us feel responsible for everything and everyone involved.

Sustainability has always been essential in our way of working. For example, more than 80% of our collections are produced in Europe, we produce limited quantities to avoid leftovers and waste, and we do not participate in Black Friday.

We put a lot of love and effort in designing our clothes and our goal is to make long-lasting pieces with style and quality. Every piece has its own story to tell and is not just for a moment or a season but for a lifetime. Therefore, we have created a range of basic essentials. These items are available throughout the year. Signature items that give an everlasting style without being complicated. So you can build a wardrobe that is anything but disposable.

Currently, we are working on becoming more sustainable without compromising on the high quality of our products.

Explore our upcoming sustainability activities in our four pillars below


Create awareness among consumers by communicating about our sustainability practices.

- Report on how we care for planet
- Report on how we care for people
- Report on how we improve our way of working


Reducing our impact on the planet by using more environmentally friendly materials and processes to make our products.

- Sustainable materials
- Animal welfare
- More sustainable and transparent production


Respecting people and their rights within our own business and our supply chain

- No Child labour;
- No Forced labour;
- Discrimination and gender;
- Freedom of association and collective bargaining;
- Payment of a living wage;
- Safe and healthy workplace;


Improving our way of working. Through education and sustainable business operations.

- Increase knowledge of our team about sustainability and circularity
- Explore circular innovation with suppliers
- Sustainable packaging
- Waste reduction at head office/stores.
- No incineration or landfill of our products (end-of-life)


Penn&Ink N.Y is a fashion brand that creates iconic items, that stand the test of time, and made in a way where human rights and the environment coexist.


We work closely with our suppliers and care for the wellbeing of their workers. Throughout the production chain, we have build a base of strong and trusting relationships with suppliers mainly based in Europe. We are aware that the manufacturers must be paid well, that the working conditions are good and that we work as sustainably as possible. We put lots of love and time in the creation of a piece of clothing and strive to ensure you can wear our garments for many years.


In addition to the wide range of materials used in our collections, we are constantly working to improve and develop new solutions for our packaging. That means using less material, choosing recycled alternatives whenever possible and avoiding the use of plastic when not needed.

Re-use: We re-use boxes for our B2B shipments. Our customer knows because of the sticker we use on the outside of the box.

Recycled: All our hangtags are fully made of recycled paper and plastic.


We aim to create garments that can stand the test of time.
Longevity can be achieved when clothes are made to be durable and cared for during their lifetime.
We hope that our customers will wear our clothes for many years, repair them when broken and pass them on to others who will wear them with love.

We are actively developing a strategy and establishing goals to expand the usage of sustainable materials in the future. Because we love to make icons!