W H O   W E   A R E


He designs, she is his muse, their family is at the heart of everything they do. Mark and Felice de Lorme together form the fashion label PENN&INK New York, founded in 2010.

"It all started with our dream to create our own label. This followed by the first drawing at our kitchen table. From our vision to combine the American sense of basic with the European style, we launched our first collection in 2010." Back then, Mark and Felice did everything from home. "We did everything together, just the two of us. From the design and production to the shipment to the customers. Now 40 people work for Penn&Ink N.Y."

Mark and Felice are inspired by everything they see. "We store this in our subconscious, and at home, our ideas sprout. The tranquillity of where we live gives us the peace of mind not to constantly feel stimuli. This is how we go back to basics, to our rural location in Olst. We love to travel and discover new places, but the best thing about travelling is that you always come home to the same place. Here we can recharge, refresh and let our impressions sink in."